ABOUT ME PORTRAITPhotography is an interesting way to engage with someone, a group of people. A way to share in the moments that they’re having. A photographer holds the power to personify an event. To express what’s happening in a frame. I found this in shooting film when I was 15.

The music I was listening to drove me. Coming from a town a drop kick from Lake Geneva, this passion of mine helped me explore avenues I probably wouldn’t have if shots weren’t fired. Attending punk rock shows in the Christian music scene, feeding off the energy from these shows, I started my creative collections. With the albums created of them from previous shows, I approach the bands. They’d hire me. I’d go on tour!

Shooting live action of Five Iron Frenzy, La Dispute, Rancid, Pillar, Taking Back Sunday, images produced were featured in media and ads in between pages of articles. Capturing the essence of moments shared with countless people, my camera became my eyes. I would later find that the effects that can be digitally edited in, such as light painting and lens flares, I was already creating in camera. Everything I was experiencing manifested through the techniques acquired shooting live action. This was only the beginning.

As a resident Chicagoan, I’m in the middle of everything. Loud music, high fashion, world class food, and the melting pot of people that make it happen. I’m always excited for opportunities to work with the people. There’s nothing like having an organic interaction, sharing common interests, and learning new ones during the whole process. Whether it’s teaming up with local designers who seek more exposure in their market or hopping on a plane to shoot a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic, my versatility enables me to cater to such demands.

I’ve since traveled across the states, and overseas, shooting stylized portraits, luxe weddings, musicians, models, and people like you and me.